What Are The Advantages Of Ceramic Coating?

When driving on the road, a car’s paint is exposed to many environmental factors such as bird droppings, tree sap, and other contaminants. This will decrease the value of your vehicle, so protection against such factors is a smart investment. Ceramic coating is a great way to protect your car’s paint. But what is the ceramic coating? What are the benefits of ceramic coating? Neighborhood Mobile Detailing in San Diego County will let you know all the answers in this article.


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Ceramic Coating: What Is It?

Ceramic coating often consists of silicon dioxide (silica, Si02) or titanium dioxide (titania, Ti02), derived from natural minerals such as quartz and sand. It is applied in liquid form and cured to produce a hard layer over the paint. When applied to automobile paint, the two substances form a hydrophobic or water-repellent chemical connection which protects your vehicle and makes it easier to clean.

How Does Ceramic Coating Benefit Your Vehicle?

Here are five outstanding benefits of ceramic coating that will help your vehicle maintain its shine.

Protection against UV rays

When a car is exposed to the sun, it will cause fading, oxidation, and peeling which can be expensive to repair. A properly applied ceramic coating can give the paint protection you need to avoid these such damages, saving you money in the long run.

Resistance to Corrosion

If your vehicle’s paint is not protected, many elements to which it may be exposed will cause corrosion. Ceramic coating inhibits corrosion by acting as a protective layer.

Simpler Cleaning

Due to the hydrophobic features of the ceramic coating, you will be able to keep the vehicle cleaner for longer. Additionally, you will not need to wash the vehicle as often as you would without the ceramic coating. However, you must clean it regularly to maintain the coating’s protective features.

Cost Effectiveness

Ceramic coating is a one-time expenditure, but it is far less costly than frequent paint restoration services or, worse, replacing a vehicle panel.

Maintain Appealing Aesthetics

A ceramic coating will help you retain the visual appeal of your automobile, which is a priority for any car owner. When purchasing a vehicle based on its beauty, you must look after it properly to keep it looking good!

What Can We Do To Maintain A Ceramic Coating?

We should use proper care to prolong the lifetime of ceramic coatings. To help you with a proper maintenance process, Neighborhood Mobile Detailing will give you some tips.

  • Avoid cleaning your vehicle at a self-service car wash. It will damage your car’s paint and generate microscopic scratches. Automatic vehicle washes have very abrasive brushes that may retain scratch-causing impurities from prior washes.
  • Wash the car by hand, but avoid doing so in bright sunlight.
  • Wash your vehicle regularly. Even though ceramic coating will prevent your automobile from quickly becoming filthy, you will still need to clean it to avoid the accumulation of contaminants.
  • Make sure to promptly remove impurities such as bird droppings, tree sap, and insect splashes from the car’s paint.
  • Use professional vehicle wash supplies, and choose a sensitive, ph-neutral car wash soap. A strong vehicle shampoo is unnecessary as the coating is already doing half the cleaning. Aggressive chemicals will harm both the ceramic coating and the car’s paint.
  • Use two buckets to clean your vehicle. The two-bucket method suggests using one bucket for the shampoo wash solution and another filled with plain water to rinse the mitt.
  • Dry the car with a microfiber cloth. In addition to absorbing minute particles, bacteria, and germs, these towels are absorbent.

Ceramic coating at Neighborhood Mobile Detailing in San Diego County is the best choice for protecting your vehicle. Our team of highly skilled technicians at Neighborhood Mobile Detailing will come to your home or place of work, saving you time and effort! To book an appointment with Neighborhood Mobile Detailing, call us at (619) 919-4516 today!

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